A Narrative Sandbox Campaign For
Dungeons & Dragons 5e


As a narrative I have an over arching plot (several actually) that will be revealed over time and the course of the campaign so this gives those of you that like to see a world develop get to do so and chose how your character interacts with the world of Shard.

However, this campaign is also a sand box which means I will give you many options and it is up to you and your fellow party members to decide what is important to you and what you wish to explore or follow up on. It also means that I will not be leading you around by your noses so since you are free to explore you may end up encountering things that are to strong for you to deal with. This shouldn’t prevent you from exploring but it should mean you approach unknown situations with caution just as you would in real life.
Because I am converting many old adventures over for use in this campaign and many of the older additions ended in Monty Hall situations I will be respecting the rule of Bounded Accuracy which is inherent in 5th Ed. Don’t expect to be laden down with three magic swords, five magic rings and twelve potions. Magic, especially permanent magic is scarce and wonderful and I will treat it as such. It is scare because it requires a recipe and special ingredients, spells and circumstances to create these items and it can be very time consuming. Temporary magic is much more plentiful and to that end I have added a new type of magic item to potions and scrolls… the relic. Feel free to read more about them on the wiki.

I hope you enjoy what I have created for us to share in. May the gods (and dice) be kind!

The secrets of Gweru wait to be revealed…

Hundreds of years ago Gweru was the a thriving realm far surpassing Irrun, Rhule, Carpathia and all other realms in knowledge, magic and culture. An unknown tragedy struck and Gweru fell into chaos and devastation. Former slaves and newcomers tried to build empires and carve out kingdoms on the bones of old Gweru but the chaos and infighting brought even these to their knees before long and the myths and treasures of Gweru were lost to time, until recently. Ten years ago the Sultan of Irrun, Kanithar-Ulo of House Akim, decreed that Gweru be explored so that it’s ancient wealth and knowledge might benefit Irrun. He funded construction of a fort and many expeditions and though these treks brought some success they did not bring the glory and the wealth that the Sultan wished. So he has opened the exploration (some say exploitation) of Gweru to merchants, sell-swords and adventurers. You have traveled from the relative safety of your own realm to venture into Gweru seeking wealth and glory. Perhaps you can succeed in building a legacy where so many others throughout history have failed.

The World of Shard: Secrets of Gweru

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