The History of Shard

The world of Shard was once a savage world, which over 5000 years ago was conquered and subjugated by the red elves of Areon who encroached on Shard through portals. The red elves brought pain and suffering but most importantly they brought magic to Shard. Many of the monstrosities in the current era were created by the red elves as shock troops or to deal with their enemies. The red elves ruled Shard for twelve hundred years before a new power threatened their rule.

Eventually the red elves were defeated and forced to retreat for Shard by a new power, the Zaharan. They had learned well the lessons of magic and specialized in necromancy using the enemies dead against them. They ruled Shard for just over two thousand years but Shard’s misery was just as profound under these new masters. The wealth of the Zaharans was astounding and they used it – building impressive cities and temples just to store their wealth in. They reveled in the suffering of their slaves and they were as gods. But as the years passed the Zaharans began to hear words of dissent from their slaves and though they punished and put to death many thousands to silence the dissent and in so doing they sealed their own fate.

A man born a slave to one of the Zaharan’s most powerful necromancer and whom secretly studied magic would lead a revolt and smash the Zaharan empire. His name was Turms Turmax and he would be the most powerful sorcerer-king Shard had ever seen. His own empire was a time of great peace that lasted for over six hundred years but fell to ruin because Terms Turmax left no heir and his empire destroyed itself in civil war and in-fighting. This was the time when the current kingdoms began to form from the ashes of Terms empire. Rhule, Gweru and Carpathia were able to build kingdoms though not without their own problems – Rhule had to deal with the aftermath of the sealing of the Dwimmermount and constant incursions from hostile humanoids. Gweru with its’ abundance of natural resources grew rich and desended into decadence. Carpathia was witness to a colossal battle between a divine being and a host of infernal beings that attempted an incursion into our world which left half of the capital city in ruins, which resulted in a terrible curse and a new addition to Carpathian’s pantheon of gods. The uncivilized northmen claimed the wild frozen hills and mountains north of Rhule and would tame them, eventually founding the kingdom of Menhirr. The great kingdom of Olluden would rise next and would shortly after have to deal with the death of its’ own spiritual leader and without his guidance fell to chaos and fragmented pirate kingdoms. The desert kingdom of Irrun, which until would be ruled for nearly four hundred years by the whims and machinations of genie, would never the less be a powerful kingdom of magic and slavery. The elven sanctuary of Sarnith remained insular but there was much infighting between the noble houses. The halfling kingdom of Turiel became a bastion of hope and healing in a time of turmoil.

Not much would change for the next four hundred years with the time being marked by border disputes, minor wars and political maneuverings that that time would soon be over. Shard would suffer from a major catastrophe over 800 years ago. Fire reigned down from the skies and shattered continents, known as the Great Sundering, it reshaped the world. Olluden would be hardest hit with its continent sundered into fragments now know as the Island Principalities. Turiel would be swallowed by the seas destroying the halfling homeland. Gweru was also stuck by this sky-fire but by that time sages say the empire of Gweru had already ceased to be but the true reason behind the kingdoms demise is unknown. The realms have since recovered, either rebuilding from the ashes, dying off such as Gweru or carving out new kingdoms from the wreckage, such as the Irrunians throwing off their genie masters. For this reason ruins of old civilizations dot the landscape and much knowledge that the world had is lost, at least for now. The primary realms that remain in the Shard setting are Carpathia, Irrun, Menhirrim, Rhule, Sarnith and the Island Principalities and these are the lands you may hail from.

The History of Shard

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